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Welcome to Beautiful Waters Landing!

You have selected a wonderful place to live and your homeowner's association works hard to keep it that way! Since its completion in 2002, Waters Landing's twenty-five neighborhoods have some 10,000 people living in 3287 units!

Included among the many forms handled during the settlement process on your home should have been copies of the Declaration of Covenants and the By-Laws of the Association. These are important documents which identify the legal nature of the Association and your role and obligations as a homeowner in it. Homeowner Associations (HOAs) are still new to many people, so there are several important items in the legal documents with which you should become familiar. A few points are addressed here.

Management: The Association is run by the five-member Board of Directors. To provide for day-to-day management and operation of the community, the Board employs an on-site staff for administration and property management, and an off-site contractor for accounting and financial management services.

General administrative and property questions should be addressed to the Association staff office at 20000 Father Hurley Boulevard, Germantown, MD 20874, by calling (301) 972-3681, via e-mail at WLA@waterslanding.org or on the Association website, www.waterslanding.org. 

Current office hours:

Monday 9am to 4pm

Tuesday 9am to 4pm

Wednesday 9am to 7pm

Thursday 9am to 4pm

Friday 9am to 3pm

Assessment account questions should be addressed to the financial management services contractor, Zalco Realty, Inc. at 8701 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910, or call (301) 495-6645.

Condominiums: Condominium residents have separate management companies.  Please click here for condominium management information.

Assessments: Members are assessed on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood budgetary basis. It is the legal obligation of each homeowner to pay an annual assessment fee to the Association. Shortly after settlement on your home you should receive a set of payment coupons and envelopes from Zalco Realty, Inc. to make the assessment in monthly installments. Assessments are due on the first (1st) day of each month and are considered delinquent if not received by the fifteenth (15th) day of the month. Delinquent accounts will be assessed a late fee of $15.00 each month. Remedies for continued non-payment of assessments include placement of liens and subsequent foreclosure of the property, as outlined in Policy Resolution 2012-02 Collection of Assessments included in your homeowner's information packet.

Board of Directors: The Board of Directors for Waters Landing holds monthly meetings on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Center. Residents are encouraged to attend and take part in the happenings of their community.

Architectural Control: Exterior changes or additions to your home or property with very few exceptions require the prior and written approval of the Association's Architectural and Environmental Review Committee (AERC). As part of your new homeowner's disclosure packet you should have received a copy of the Architectural Guidelines. Forms are available at the staff office or on the Association website.

Newsletter & Other Communications: Waters Landing communications will come through postal mail & through our electronic newsletter, The NewsAshore. Please register at www.waterslanding.org to receive The NewsAshore. Information can also be obtained through our Association website.

For communication with neighbors within the community, join the Waters Landing Google Group list serve at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/waterslanding (orhttp://goo.gl/2jF6y).

* Opinions & information on the google group are those of some residents & do not necessarily reflect those of Waters Landing Association, Inc. *

Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC): Each neighborhood has the opportunity to operate a Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC) that deals with your particular neighborhood's issues and communicates them to the Board of Directors and Staff. Not all neighborhoods have active NAC's but they are easily revived when needed. It's a good way to be a part of the community and meet your neighbors.

Non-Resident Owners: Unit Owners who live somewhere other than the unit in Waters Landing are known as Non-Resident Owners (NRO's). Non-Resident Owners are required to provide the Association with a copy of any leases with tenants and the owners current mailing address. Very often tenants are not fully informed by owners of their responsibilities. Owners remain responsible for the actions of their tenants, so it is important that we are able to contact you when necessary.

Trash Collection: Single family and townhouse trash collection is included in their monthly assessment. Curbside pickup of closed/covered "normal" trash is done twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. The company under contract is J&J Inc. Trouble calls or arrangements for a special pickup of unusual items may be arranged by calling J&J at 1-800-465-2350. Condominiums have their own arrangements for trash.

Recycling: Recycling is a Montgomery County contract. For recycling questions, or to acquire a blue recycling bin, contact Montgomery County Recycling at 311. Collection day for recycle is Monday. Recyclables should be placed out after dark Sunday evening or prior to 7am Monday morning. Properly bundled, lawn & yard debris is recycled through Montgomery County.

Lawn Care: With regard to lawn care, the Association is responsible for common areas only. Consequently, homeowners are required to maintain their own yards in a responsible and attractive manner. The Architectural Guidelines address maintenance standards and procedures for compliance.

Recreation: Waters Landing owns and/or maintains over 50 acres of common grounds and recreational facilities. This includes two swimming pools, three tennis courts, two roller blade pads, one-basketball half-court, and 3.1 miles of walking/bike paths, 9 tot lots and a community center available for rental by residents.

Community Center: The Community Center located at 20000 Father Hurley Boulevard is the site of most neighborhood meetings and is available for rental to Waters Landing residents for private functions. Residents must be current in their assessments to rent the Community Center.

Lakes: Lake Churchill is a "non-contract" lake, therefore swimming, wading and boating are not allowed. Currently fishing is allowed in the lake from the shoreline only, but the policy is under review by the Churchill Community Foundation. The walking distance on the pathway around the lake is about 1.1 miles.  As a member of Waters Landing, you are automatically a member of the Churchill Foundation.  The Churchill Community Foundation Board meets the last Wednesday of each month.

Paths: There are 3.1 miles of walking/bike paths throughout Waters Landing. These asphalt paths also go around Lake Churchill and Little Lake Seneca, which leads into Black Hill Regional Park. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the paths.

Pools: The pool season runs from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. Pool information is sent out annually in a separate mailing. Information can also be found on the Association website mid-Spring. Only residents who are current in their assessments are eligible for passes. Tenants must have their landlord sign the copy of the Application and provide a copy of the current lease. The Community Center pool ("A") is located at 20000 Father Hurley Boulevard, and the Waters Landing Drive pool ("B") is located at 13501 Waters Landing Drive.

Tennis: Tennis courts are available during daylight hours with sign up reservation sheets used during the summer season. When other players are waiting, play is limited to 1 hour for singles, 1-1/2 hours for doubles.

This information is current as of the date of this letter, but is subject to change. Policy changes are announced via direct mail, email, or website, so it is important that you read all correspondence from the Association.

Once again, we welcome you to the community and wish you the best of luck and much happiness in your new Waters Landing home. Your participation in the affairs of your Community is always encouraged and welcomed. Please call with any questions or comments. Thank you.


Kristin Czarick, CMCA

General Manager

Waters Landing Associations, Inc.